SAN ANTONIO — Connie Freeze says it's been a week since she spoke to her son Jonathon Connelly. The chances of that ever happening again are over.

Her only son was murdered in a carjacking incident on Sunday.

"I'm not going to feel that arm around my shoulders, and sometimes he'd rub the top of my head," Freeze said. "But he'd always tell me, ‘I love you.’"

Her memories are drenched in tears.

Connelly worked a number of blue collar jobs and was even a volunteer firefighter at one time. She admits that during the course of his 30 years of life, he fought with personal demons.

Connelly will likely be remembered most for Sunday, August 5 when investigators say an alleged car thief became his killer.

According to the San Antonio Police Department, Jacob Gabriel shot Connelly in the chest as the two fought near I-35 North close to Loop 410. The scene stretched from a convenience store in the 13500 block of O’Connor Road, to a motel, and onto a frontage road where Connelly was shot in the chest.

Investigators say that he was fending Gabriel from two separate carjacking incidents.

Freeze admits that her son bears some responsibility for pursuing the suspect.

"He should have left the car alone and let SAPD possibly catch him," Freeze said. "And if they killed him, it would have been better."

She also believes that SAPD shares some of the blame in her son's death. Freeze said that calls were made to SAPD, prior to the violence, about Gabriel around 12:30 pm on Sunday.

"We are still doing research on any other calls that may have happened prior to the initial call," Officer Doug Greene said.

SAPD call logs show that the original call came in at 1:37 pm on Sunday. The same logs reflect a shooting when the actual call for service was for a vehicle theft. Five calls that follow range from vehicle theft, to traffic, and finally the shooting.

Officer Greene says that the calls are all related. He also said that dispatchers change the calls' titles as information develops. As for SAPD's response, he said that they show everything was appropriate.

"We know that this family is hurting,” Officer Greene said. “We know that the family wants justice.”