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'Maintain faith': Volunteer group searches additional green belts in hopes of finding missing San Antonio girl

Volunteers say they aren’t giving up hope of finding Lina Sardar Khil, who was reported missing 13 days ago.

SAN ANTONIO — The massive search for a three-year-old missing girl expands in San Antonio.

A large search group gathered on Sunday morning to search for Lina Sardar Khil. 

Volunteers say they aren’t giving up hope of finding her.

Where Huebner Creek usually runs is where Mohammad Wali walks with his son and several other people.

Wali, who moved to San Antonio from Afghanistan, says the community is devastated they haven’t found Lina.

“It is a very tragic story for us. Our community, it’s very sad, they cannot tolerate but we try and keep trying,” Wali said.

Wali and many others are searching for any clue, small or large that might lead them closer to 3-year old Lina Sardar Khil.

Wali is from Afghanistan—he says he’s never seen anything like the search effort for Lina before. He says in his native country, a child doesn’t go missing very often.

“This kind of stuff, you don’t usually see in Afghanistan…Since we’ve seen that, men, women, kids, and everybody is scared really badly,” Wali said.

That fear isn’t stopping people from stepping up to help.

We could see Lawang Mangal, a close family-friend providing instructions to the dozens who gathered Sunday morning the St George Marionite Catholic Church.

Searching a two mile stretch of this green belt—about 3 miles away from where Lina was last seen.

A biker group , Guardians of the Children San Antonio is also helping today.

“Two weeks, it’s rough. You know we’re trying to maintain hope, try to maintain faith because we believe she’s out there. We believe she’s somewhere and we just want to get her back home.”

Justin “Tex” Mire, President of the Guardians of the Children Chapter says the San Antonio Police Department told volunteers this is an area of interest. 

Mire is also grateful so many people are coming on board.

“It shows the heart of everyone, no matter where you are, where you’re from that you care about children,” Mire said.

Wali is grateful he’s not the only one pitching in to help.

“When we see that many people that came all together, that means we have great unity,” Wali said.

The San Antonio Police Department says Lina Sardar Khil was last seen wearing a red dress, black jacket and black shoes. 

The case is not being considered an abduction.

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