SAN ANTONIO — Police are trying to track down the person responsible for killing a 20-year-old man. Family and friends had a candlelight vigil at Millers Pond Park to remember 20-year-old Delvin Scott.

Scott was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and moved to San Antonio several years ago with his family. His mother, Charlene McGraw, and close friend Joe Tamayo said this senseless violence has got to stop.

"We have a lot of young people dying out here," Tamayo said. "I am going to funerals every other week." 

Unfortunately, Tamayo will now have to go to his close friend's funeral. 

"It just hurts because he was young," he said. "My little brother. He just went out to have a good time, and he lost his life. It is not fair."

Scott - who went by Dee Dee - was shot and killed outside of a late-night party near the UTSA campus. It happened around 3:00 a.m. Sunday, at the Maverick Creek Villas on Chase Hill Road. 

Police said an argument broke out at the party, and at least 10 shots were fired. Scott was shot in the chest.

"I guess, I am numb," McGraw said. 

McGraw was supposed to go to the movies with her son on  Sunday. But, now she is planning where to bury him.

"I expected me to go before my kids," she said. "I never expected to bury one of my kids."

The Sunday vigil was an emotional time for Dee Dee's close family and friends who are stunned the young man is gone. They prayed and released balloons in his memory.

Tamayo had to this say to the youth.

"Just because you have been in a bad situation doesn't mean you have to say in a bad situation," he said. "You can prosper in life and become a better person. It doesn't matter where you come from, or what you have done. God forgives everybody."

Scott's mother is leaning on her faith. She has a message to her son's killer.

"So, whoever did this I sincerely forgive you," she said. All we want you to do is we want justice. We want you to turn yourself in."

Police say a black Mercedes was seen driving away from the scene. No arrests have been made. If you know anything about the deadly shooting, contact police.