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More details revealed in human trafficking case

Two teens told police a suspect arrested Friday not only sexually assaulted young boys, but recorded the assaults as well.
Credit: Courtesy: Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO — Court documents released Saturday suggest there may be more young victims in a northeast sex case that involves young boys, drugs, pornography production and death threats.

San Antonio Police arrested 27-year-old Zachary Neuhaus Friday.

While Neuhaus was being taken from Public Safety Headquarters to jail, reporters asked him if he had anything to say to his alleged victims.

The response by Neuhaus was a simple “They’re liars.”

Neuhaus remains in the Bexar County Jail as of Saturday night, facing two counts of continuous trafficking of persons.

His bonds total $200,000.

Two 15-year-old victims, who know one another, have made statements about the abuse they endured and the affidavits for an arrest warrant hint of more victims.

In the affidavits, the investigators told a magistrate they have evidence and statements that give them reason to believe the allegations.

The details in the affidavits offer a glimpse into a situation where young boys told police they were lured into danger with the promise of free drugs and alcohol.

The documents detail how Neuhaus gained access to victims, alleging "Victim 2 explained the Defendant was a successful drug dealer who had a large clientele originating from nearby high schools."

Madison High School in NEISD is the school that serves the address where Neuhaus lives.

Both teens told police Neuhaus not only sexually assaulted young boys, but recorded the assaults as well.

The affidavit states "The Defendant was known to favor young male boys and routinely brag to have several '**ck boys.' Victim 2 also recalled the Defendant intentionally showed him images and videos of child pornography on his cell phone related to his other child victims."

Victim 1 told investigators he met Neuhaus after reaching out to him on social media to buy illegal narcotics.

The teen said Neuhaus called him "cute" and immediately expressed an interest in a sexual relationship, promising free drugs in return.

Victim 1 said the exchanges started with sexually explicit still pictures but escalated into physical contact when Neuhaus would supply the teen with drugs and alcohol.

Victim 1 claimed in addition to alcohol, Neuhaus supplied him with LSD, marijuana, marijuana oil and Seroquel, which is an antipsychotic medication.

The teen said he would often end up intoxicated at the man's apartment near Nacogdoches and Dreamwood.

The teen said because the encounters were captured on video by Neuhaus, he feared threats of public shaming and physical harm, saying Neuhaus did share nude photos of him on social media in an attempt to humiliate him and coerce him to continue the arrangement.

Victim 2 told police a similar story, saying he too was "groomed and enticed" with offers of free drugs and money. Victim 2 also claims he was present when Neuhaus would threaten Victim 1, when he wanted out of the arrangement.

Victim 2 told police Neuhaus threatened to kill him and burn his house if he tried to end the relationship.

Both teens told investigators that because Neuhaus had firearms in his apartment, they took his threats seriously.

The abuse came to light when Victim 1 made an outcry to his mother, detailing his fear. Victim 1 also told police about abuse suffered by Victim 2.

Because Neuhaus’ apartment is in the NEISD boundaries, KENS 5 has reached out to the district to see what is being done to identify and help other potential victims. We are awaiting their reply.

The San Antonio Police Department's Special Victims Unit is investigating this case. Their daytime number is (210)207-2313 and the after-hours number is (210)207-7389.

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