The heat is on. Many studies show that violent crime escalates in the summer, including domestic violence. San Antonio has already seen a spike in these crimes, with two local women killed in the last 24 hours.

Rose Lee Rodriguez, 45, was gunned down in her southeast-side driveway late Thursday night. Police said that the man who shot her then shot himself to death. His identity has not been released.

But we do know Charles Wayne Haltom, who is in the Bexar County Jail charged with murder.

Police said that he stabbed his wife to death and then called them to confess what he'd done. SAPD confirmed that the victim was pregnant and her two children were in the home when she was killed.

Is it the summer heat?

"There is a seasonal pattern and summer is not the friendliest time for victims of domestic violence," said a spokeswoman at the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, who added that the number of victims is on the rise. "When there is someone with aggressive tendencies who is abusive, sometimes the heat, along with other factors, play a role."

But they said that blaming any factor isn't a solution. The most important fact is that help is available, and nobody should have to live in fear.

"Ask for help! Call someone. Tell a friend. Tell a relative that will be supportive. Seek the help that you need."

To visit the official website for Family Violence Prevention Services and the Battered Women and Children's Shelter, click here.