A heartsick father is grieving for his 14-year-old son while maintaining his own innocence in the murder case.

At first, police named Andy Delgado as a suspect in the homicide case of Andres “Baby Andy” Delgado IV, but then let him go. Delgado keeps replaying the nightmare over and over. His son died from a gunshot wound just a week ago.

"You don't understand how painful this is," he said. "He was a smart kid. He was in advanced placement. God, he loved his sister. He loved his sister. He loved his sister."

The boy's young life came to end on March 14. Police found him shot in a bedroom at his home in the 100 block of Aransas. It is still hard for Delgado to talk about what happened.

"My baby," he said. "My baby. He was my life. He was my everything. He was everything."

The teen died from a gunshot wound to his torso. The day of the homicide, police said that the shooting happened inside but Delgado believes that the shots came from outside.

"Yes, someone did shoot from outside, like two or three shots," the father said. "There is a bullet hole from my daughter's TV where it came from the outside."

He said that on the morning of the shooting, his daughter heard someone outside her window. He also said that a neighbor heard a car speed away after the gun shots. The single father noted that his family had just moved into the house and believes the previous residents may have been the targets.

"We haven't been here that long, like five or six weeks, and this happened," he said.

Police took in Delgado for questioning and said at the time that he was a suspect but he was later released.

"I would never hurt my children," he said. "They are all I have. Oh my God, I would never hurt my babies. I did everything for them, and we did everything together."

The father says that his son had a love for the Avengers and had a big heart. He said that now it is about being strong for his family.

"I know he wouldn't like me like this, but it is hard," he said. "It is hard."

SAPD Chief William McManus said that there was no indication any threat came from outside the home. Police say that they still need more time to go over the evidence and this is still an open case.