A former Bexar County Sheriff's Office deputy, 30-year-old Garrett Flores, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with official oppression after BCSO said a review of a video shows he assaulted an inmate in April.

"During the initial complaint made by the officer, he indicated that the inmate assaulted him. That led to him using force on the inmate," said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

The inmate was charged, and an investigation was launched. However, after a supervisor reviewed the video, it was clear that Flores was lying.

"It was determined that initial assault never occurred. In fact, the officer assaulted the inmate with very little provocation, no physical contact and no justification to use force on that inmate," said Salazar.

Flores was fired in June after being placed on administrative duty, away from inmates. Salazar said he's sending a clear message to the public servants who work for him.

"Misconduct will not be tolerated. Certainly, this speaks with the importance of maintaining the integrity of the agency, maintaining the integrity of each and every investigation as it occurs, and then handling them appropriately as they surface," he said.

The inmate is still in BCSO custody. The charges against him related to the fight have since been dropped.

Flores bonded out after his arrest. He was with BCSO for less than a year, and was still a probationary employee at the time he was fired.