SAN ANTONIO — A total of 14 people have now been arrested in a large-scale narcotics roundup reported on the east side Thursday afternoon.

morningview mugs_1536949468166.png.jpg

Top row from left to right: Ernest Chase (age 33), Jahvann Lewis (age 20), Seabron Stevenson (Age 47), Thomas Debrow (age 37), Robert Gant (age 42), Jack Holland (age 57), and Charles Jones (age 27).

Bottom row from left to right: Michael Chandler (age 35), Danail Wilson AKA Frank Dunn (age 35), Cornell Pope (age 24), Rashi Campbell (age 38), Robert Barrientes (age 24), La Tarrel Robinson (age 30), and Nathaniel Slack (age 25).

Nine of the suspects were taken into custody on Thursday afternoon in the 500 block of Morningview. Five additional arrests were announced on Friday afternoon.

After 2-year-old and 12-year-old were among four people shot on Sunday afternoon in a drive-by attack just over a week ago, the SAPD police chief promised action and they delivered.

“The Violent Crime Task Force has been one of the most successful efforts that I have seen in my year in law enforcement,” said SAPD Chief Williams McManus. “There are nine agencies involved in the task force. Those agencies have been consistent, they’ve been steady, there’s been no lack of focus or interest in the year and half or so that this task force has been in effect.”

The chief added that he’s proud of the neighbors on the block as people, who are normally reluctant to talk, came outside and congratulated the police on their work, thanking them for ridding their neighborhood of a long-term dangerous problem.

“What’s most important is we have to engage our community members and make sure these children see the positive, you know, what can happen in the street,” District 2 City Councilman William Cruz Shaw said. “And it’s real important to what the chief mentioned earlier, that a lot of folks came from all over the city to District 2 or the east side. This is a San Antonio problem.”

Chief McManus noted that the nine people that were arrested were apprehended without incident and that he’s hoping that the five wanted people turn themselves in.