PLEASANTON, Texas — Two people were arrested Sunday night after police busted them for having drugs, a gun, and a stolen SUV. Pleasanton police said officers also discovered hundreds of pieces of stolen mail.

Authorities said they got a search warrant on Sunday afternoon after investigating the couple for a few days. Police said the two alleged street-level methamphetamine dealers were stealing mail, some of it from all over the state.

“Apparently, they were just going to people’s mailboxes and emptying them out,” Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez said. “It’s a common trait among meth addicts nowadays to steal mail. They’re looking for ID - any type of ID information and they’re looking for checks,” he added.

Along with the stolen mail, police found a handgun, a stolen Chevy Tahoe, and 11 grams of meth.

Authorities arrested Jose Luis Benavides and Jaime Martinez. Both were charged with Theft and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, and Manufacture/Deliver Controlled Substance.

Many neighbors in the area told KENS 5 that drugs are rampant in the area but were too afraid to speak to us on camera for fear of retaliation.

“There’s people that are taking over this community, and society is just so scared to even speak,” said neighbor David Tinker Prouty Delgado. “But I’m not scared."

Chief Sanchez said the problem with meth isn’t just happening in the big cities.

“Unfortunately, small-town America is fading away as we’re facing, every day, a steady inflow of narcotics coming in from Mexico to our communities,” he said.

Chief Sanchez also said he has a message to any drug dealers trying to set up shop in his town.

“It might take us a while, but we’re going to get you,” he said.

Authorities said the investigation is still ongoing, and they’re expecting to make more arrests in this case. Meanwhile, police are working with U.S. Postal Inspectors to return all the mail. Sanchez said the Secret Service may also get involved.