SAN ANTONIO — A father is accused of killing his son one year ago on March 14th, 2018. Now, Andres Delgado is set to go on trial. 

The family, torn apart by this crime, is remembering 14-year-old Andy Delgado IV. Lisa Devora lost her beloved nephew who she calls "Baby Andy." He would have been 15 years old today. 

"I want them to know Baby Andy was sweet," she said. "He was loving. Baby Andy was taken by no fault of his own."

Andy's father is the one accused of killing his own son. He told KENS 5 a year ago he didn't do it. 

However, police and his own family still don't buy his story.

"How dare he sit there and pretend to cry fake tears of hurt, when it was probably tears of guilt," Devora said. 

On Thursday,  Andy's friends and teachers planted a tree in his honor at IDEA Carver.

"Trees give off oxygen," the aunt said. "They gave life, and that was Baby Andy. I know that tree is going to bloom."

The family is now making it their mission to fight for Andy, seeking justice for the boy who taken at such a young age.

Still, they say they realize nothing will return the boy to their arms. 

"What is justice in this case? Nothing," Devora said. "Nothing because Baby Andy will never come back."

Police say they believe the incident was accidental in nature. The father is charged with manslaughter. 

A year ago inside the home, investigators found three handguns, an AR-15 rifle and more than 50 live rounds of ammunition and drugs. His court date is set for April 3.