A San Antonio couple says that the justice system failed them after their daughter's murderer received 40 years in prison.

In 2016, 32-year-old Nigel Green killed 28-year-old Carina Castellanos. He confessed to leaving her body in a ditch near Mathis. On Tuesday at the Nueces County Courthouse, the couple said that they were surprised by the judge's decision.

Green had accepted a plea deal from the defense. The victim's family was expecting a trial and a jury verdict and sentencing to decide if Green should get life in prison.

"The prosecution have told us, ‘We'll make sure he does 40 years. We're not putting a price on your daughter's life,’ but that's exactly what it sounds like. It sounds like our daughter's life is worth 40 years," said Milo Castellanos, Carina’s father.

"I feel gutted, we feel hallowed, betrayed," said Robin Castellanos, Carina’s mother. "The prosecution had no say, we had no say. I burst into tears. I was crying."

The couple said that Green showed no remorse in court.

"We looked him straight in the eye and told him what he did to our family," Milo recalled. "There's absolutely no remorse for what he did."

The couple shared how Green and their daughter moved from San Antonio to Corpus Christi about six months ago. They said their daughter's four-year relationship was abusive from the beginning and Green threatened to kill her in June. They said two weeks after he made the threat, their daughter was killed.

"It's been a hard road to go down, seeing your daughter in a domestic violence relationship and you can't do anything and trying year after year to get her away, and when she finally does, it's a cruel joke," Robin said.

"Domestic violence is real. It's a problem, everywhere, not just in Corpus, not just in San Antonio. It's a problem everywhere. If I could just say anything to anybody in an abusive relationship, do your best and get out of that relationship," Milo said. "Although our daughter, it took her life, it's also taking from us. Day after day after day, it's never going to stop. Where does it stop?"

Green will be eligible for parole in 18 years because he received credit for the time he has already served in jail.