An employee shot at Pegasus Night Club is telling her story for the first time after a gunman opened fire hitting three people early Monday morning.

Ileana Niera met her husband, Charles, years ago at Pegasus Night Club. The couple said that they’ve been together ever since. The pair said that they were both working when a fight broke out between customers and an off-duty bartender outside of Pegasus near the taco stand.

Charles Niera witnessed the incident and told the customers that they needed to leave. While escorting them off the property, Charles said that one of the customers threatened to come back and shoot them.

"The guy I was carrying out was clearly drunk, it was like dead weight," Charles recalled. "But the other man may have had a couple of drinks, but you could tell he knew what he was doing. We get a lot of threats, but I went inside to tell my manager what just happened."

He said that minutes later, shots rang out and he saw the customer firing from a car.

"He looked at me and I just [paused]," Charles said. "He just simply drove off and I could see his face, like, perfectly, like not even a care in the world."

His wife Ileana and two other co-workers were hit.

"I'm there shot, and I see the guy on the floor and another guy that was shot, and everybody was running inside the bar and it was chaotic," Ileana said.

The couple said that due to the incident, the bar closed on Monday for the first time in almost 20 years.

"The owner and the manager Mike wanted everyone to be with their families after everything had happened," Charles said.

Police later identified 44-year-old Jose Hernandez as the gunman. Hernandez was charged with aggravated assault.

"We didn't deserve this, you know. We were just doing our job," Ileana said. "What he did wasn't right, you know?"

Charles said that managers have talked about making adjustments to their security but are taking all measure to help those who were impacted.

"We've worked very hard to become a family the way we are, and for something like this to happen doesn't mean we need to break it up or stop what we've been doing,” Charles said. “I guess this will give us the drive to make us even more a tighter community."

Meanwhile, Ileana has been released from the hospital, but the bullet is still in her arm. She said doctors told her that removing it would cause more damage.

A GoFundMe account set up to help her with her medical expenses as she has a long road to recovery.