A crawfish hotspot on the northwest side hopes community members can help catch the crooks that broke into their business.

Katie Le, the owner of LA Crawfish on Culebra, says this is the second time they’ve caught burglars on surveillance cameras trying to break into the safe. She says on Monday, March 4 she got an alert on her phone of a break-in.

"What's even scarier is we were actually seeing it live as it was happening from home,” Le said. "Nothing we could do."

Two people were caught on camera breaking in through the restaurant's back door. In the video, you can see one person pry open the door and then wave another person over before heading inside. One person watches the door as the other burglar heads straight to the safe, plowing it with what appears to be some kind of hammer.

Le says the burglars left empty-handed but she fears they may return.

“The safety of the customers, the staff is my main concern,” Le said.

She said over the last four years they’ve put up more than ten cameras around the restaurant. In March last year, two burglars also broke in but didn’t manage to break into the safe.

“We are on high alert, so every time we get a message it's like, ‘Oh, my gosh - we have to go check the cameras,’" Le said.

She says she just wants peace - and the burglars caught.

"We are just trying to go through our daily routine, run a business honestly, " Le said.

Le says Austin police have reached out to her; they believe her burglary may be related to a string of burglaries from Austin to San Antonio.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the San Antonio Police Department.