BOERNE, TX - A local man believes his website is not only helping reunite lost pets with its owners but said its also reducing the number of pet deaths.

The webpage,, has recently received national attention.

Aside from featuring lost pets, the creator of the website also thought it was important to find pets a new home. A feature on his page showcases animals from the San Antonio Humane Society, plus many other pets from shelters across the Alamo City.

It started off as a quest to find his lost friend.

"(My) little jaz cat," said Jay Pennington, creator of

Pennington, a local computer programer, took his skills to the next level.

"(You can) upload your picture and description of your pet," he said.

Knowing how hard it is to find a lost pet, he developed a website called

"I've had people write me and saying you have helped thousands and thousands of pets over the years and that's probably true," he said.

More than a decade later, his cat who he did eventually find, died, but his website continues to thrive. The homepage takes you directly to Animal Care Services.

"You can see if your pet is there and retrieve your pet before its put down," said Pennington.

If not, you can check the "lost pets" section. However, if you still can't find your pet, you can create a private flyer, which lists only your pets information.

"That's a new development I created it recently," he said.

Pennington calls it "privacy flyer," for which he has a trademark. If someone finds your pet they can send you a message through the website using a code listed on the flyer.

The site offers other options too.

"If they say oh I just saw that dog across the street they can use their smart phone and scan that bar code," explained Pennington.

Over the years, Pennington has also helped pets find a forever home.

"I also have a section for adoptable pets," he said.

He's now hoping to take his concept and develop a similar website for other cities across the nation.

"Hopefully you never lose your pet but if you do, start with," he said.