SAN ANTONIO - A nonprofit organization helps volunteers break a sweat while working toward a good cause.

Work Out Help Out organizers said their top priority is community service. They also strive to incorporate exercise breaks for volunteers.

"We're trying to give people incentive to come out here. We are trying to make it a little more apparent about the good that volunteering can do for you," Work Out Help Out board member Bill Richardson said.

He and a fellow fitness expert got Work Out Help Out off the ground about three years ago.

"Paul Rezaei started it a few years ago. He and I were both trainers at Lifetime Fitness. He noticed that there were a lot of people working out on treadmills. He wanted to harness that energy and do something productive with it. Community service just seemed like the natural flow from there," Richardson said.

Work Out Help Out hosts volunteer events on Saturday mornings. Depending on how many volunteers are available, they will switch of between stations centered on volunteer work and exercise stations.

"I pruned some trees. We are clearing out a lot of flower beds. Then we did stairs and jumping jacks," volunteer Kayli McArthur said.

Richardson said Work Out Help Out started with about 10 volunteers per session, and currently draws 35-40.

"There's so much that can be done with just a large group of 35 people that would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. They give two hours on their Saturday, and they accomplish even more," he said.

While the organization started in San Antonio, it has expanded to Dallas and has plans to start an Austin branch.

If you would like to volunteer or get in touch with Work Out Help Out, click here.