So far this year, the San Antonio Pride Center says there have been 24 transgender deaths related to violence, which is more than the 21 deaths advocates reported in 2015.

That number keeps growing.

To combat the rising numbers and to bring more attention to the issue, San Antonians joined the rest of the nation in recognizing the Transgender Day of Rememberence. It's the second year for the Transgendered Day of Remembrance Memory Walk in San Antonio.

"This walk, this night, this service, it means a great deal to us. It means a great deal to the local trans community and the trans community around the world," said Vanessa Perretta, the San Antonio Gender Association president.

About 50 San Antonians came out for what the Pride Center says is an important walk, with a message in mind.

"The goal for tonight is make people aware of transgendered lives that have been lost through acts of violence and say their names," Pride Center San Antonio Executive Director Robert Salcido said.

"The deaths are very violent. It's not unusual for those to be shot, stabbed, and burned," added Reverend Naomi Brown, the vice chair of Price Center San Antonio.

Antonia Padilla, who is transgendered, says that she's dealt with violence herself.

"As a child I had a lot of violence directed towards me and that has only made me stronger," Padilla said.

"The level of violence that's perpetrated upon trans youth and trans people in general, this walk is very important," Reverend Brown said.

The Pride Center said that Thursday night, they walked in memory of those who no longer can walk, can no longer sing, dance or cry.

Transphobia not only leads to violence from others, but also suicide.

"Suicide rates in the trans community are outrageous. They are more successful at it. They attempt more," Reverend Brown noted.

And it all begins because people simply don't understand.

"Oftentimes, that misunderstanding leads to fear. And that fear leads to violence. And those are the things we try to combat," Salcido said.

Advocates combat that fear through education about tolerance, acceptance, and love for one another. If you are transgender or know anyone who is and is struggling with any issue, there are sources out there who want to help.

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