SAN ANTONIO - T-shirts sales from the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation are set to benefit the family of fallen San Antonio Police Department Officer Miguel Moreno.

"I’m trying to raise funds for specifically for Officer Moreno, his family, and for Officer Julio Cavazos," SAPD Officer Tre Serrano said.

As KENS 5 reported, Moreno was killed and his partner, Cavazos, was injured in a shooting near San Antonio College late last month.

The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation has partnered with Grunt Style clothing to distribute the t-shirts nationwide. Serrano said 100 percent of the proceeds go toward officers' families.

"The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation is behind the t-shirts for Det. Marconi and for the Dallas police officers who were killed. It’s all for the same purpose. 100 percent of the proceeds that the Texas Fallen Officer Foundation gets are given directly to the families. Not only are you not [emotionally] prepared for when a tragic event happens, sometimes you’re not financially prepared," Serrano said.

Moreno's memorial t-shirt will be available to order on Grunt Style's website until 3 p.m. Wednesday.

"The City of San Antonio and everyone around it has given us so much support; from buying us a cup of coffee, to bringing flowers to the police station. It’s touched us and made this hard time even easier just knowing that the public supports us," Serrano said.