Four families are now bonded by a tragedy. Six of their loved ones were involved in a horrific wreck that killed one of them, a youth leader at a church in San Antonio.

Despite the circumstances, all of them are uniting to help each other.

Zachary Orosco and his two friends Dylan Gray and Joel Robles were on their way to a quinceañera the night of Saturday, January 6.

"It was just a normal night, just teenagers wanting to have a little bit of fun," Robles said.

But the night quickly turned into a tragedy. Orosco, the driver, lost control of the truck on Highway 16 after a front tire came off. The truck crossed over onto oncoming traffic and hit an SUV driven by 25-year-old Erson Mendez. Mendez’s brother and sister were passengers.

"He always served the church," said Ariana Santeliz, a friend of Erson Mensez who served with him as a youth leader at Life Church in San Antonio. "You, couldn't find a fault in Erson."

Mendez, who was loved by many, died at the scene. His 17-year-old sister, who had several surgeries, is now out of the hospital. Their brother, a Texas A&M student, is still in the hospital recovering from internal injuries.

"It just makes me look at life," Gray said. "You know, at any time something can happen. Live life the best."

Gray and Robles, both passengers in the truck that lost a tire, were not as badly injured as their friend Zachary. The 16-year-old was in the hospital for about 20 days. He spent most of that time in the ICU on a ventilator.

"He has six broken ribs," said Zachary’s grandfather Harold. "He crushed his lungs. His heart valve is damaged."

However, that's not even the full extent of his injuries. The family says that it’s a miracle their Zachary is with them today.

"When I drive, I find myself praying," his grandfather said. "I've always believed in Jesus Christ, but this brought me even closer."

On Saturday, the true strength of Somerset was shown at the football stadium. Friends and families of all the injured fired up several grills to cook 3,000 pounds of chicken and sausage. The money made will go to the families to help with hospital expenses.

Gray's cousin Fermin Hernandez is encouraging everyone to pray.

"Prayer is very powerful," he said. "So, we just ask for prayers and good thoughts for not only the kids but for the families as well. Because it has been a difficult time."

There are two GoFundMe pages for Zachary Orosco and Erson Mendez.