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Need a break from the heat? Here's where San Antonio has set up cooling centers

With high temperatures reaching the high-90s this weekend, it's a good time to remember about hydrating and staying cool.

SAN ANTONIO — The city has opened a few cooling centers throughout town for people looking for a little relief from the sun a temperatures soar into the high-90s over the weekend. 

Add in the humidity factor, and it will actually feel warmer than 100 degrees through Father's Day. 

The city says that, as the heat stays high, those most at risk are adults over 65, children under 4 and those with existing medical conditions like heart disease. 

Some early warning signs of heat-related illness include nausea, extremely moist or dry skin, an unusually fast or slow pulse, and confusion. If someone you know is showing any of those symptoms, call 911. 

The city's cooling centers will be open through the weekend, and you can find a list of them here. Some are staying open as late as 8 p.m. on Saturday.