The San Antonio police and fire departments find themselves working together often in the community, but on Saturday they were head-to-head in battle.

In a friendly competition at the Third Annual All-American Burger Festival, San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus and San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood threw down for the title of best burger.

"The festival is a way to bring awareness to the east side to let people know that you can come to the east side of San Antonio and enjoy yourself," All-American Burger Festival founder Mark Outing said.

Outing also said that the festival helps support a $1,000 scholarship that will go to students in the community studying health or education. Win or lose, both chiefs received a $500 reward just for participating.

Chief McManus said that he plans to donate his winnings to the Battered Women and Children's Shelter. Chief Hood said that his winnings will benefit the 100 Club of San Antonio.

"The significance of this going to the 100 Club is we've had a really tough year in San Antonio with our first responders," Chief Hood said. "So we want to make sure that their children and families are taken care of when they're out there protecting us."

When the burgers were done, the judges had a tough and delicious decision on their hands, but Chief Hood's egg and bacon burger took home the win.

"The secret was team work," Chief Hood said. "It was about flavor and about esthetics, because it had to taste good and it had to look good."