SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio police officer is accused of throwing his flashlight at a windshield, in an incident now being investigated. The two women inside the car said the attack happened as the officer was directing traffic for an accident.

Deja Watts and Nikita Palmer said the incident happened last Thursday evening, when they were driving on East Houston Street and Pop Gunn Drive when they spotted an accident. They said one of the officers was directing traffic with his flashlight, but his motions weren’t clear. The women saw cars in front of them move around him.

“We were gonna ask him, 'What detour would you like for us to go? We can't understand what you're doing swinging your flashlight,'" Palmer said. 

Glass 2
Nikita Palmer

The women said as they approached him with their vehicle, they saw him throw his flashlight. Palmer, who was in the passenger's seat, said it hit the windshield on her side of the car. Tiny glass fragments scattered all over her and inside the vehicle, and the women said the officer began hurling insults at them.

“He's like, 'You idiots, you morons, you're the third ones to do this today. Don't you understand English?'" recalled Palmer.

She took a picture of one of the cuts from the glass and showed KENS 5 cell phone video of the night. The women had pulled over their car and went to talk to the officer.  

Nikita Palmer

"It’s just wrong that he thinks he can get away this, and he honestly can’t, Deja," Palmer can be heard saying in the video. "My skin is burning. All I was trying to ask him is why he busted the window?” 

In a second video, the officer asked for Palmer’s driver's license and she told him he needed a reason. The officer replied: "Because I’m going to give you three tickets.” 

The women believe the officer was upset that they confronted him about the windshield.

An SAPD spokesperson sent KENS 5 a statement about the incident:

“The Officer’s supervisor responded to the scene and spoke to the complainant when this incident occurred. EMS was also requested, but the complainant refused treatment. The supervisor immediately notified Internal Affairs and an investigation is currently underway. The Officer’s body worn camera recorded the entire interaction and that video, along with statements from everyone involved, will ultimately be used to determine if disciplinary action is warranted.”

Watts said there should be disciplinary action. She said the officer should also pay for the damage done to her windshield, and receive additional training.

“He needs to know how to treat everyone. Not just oh, I'm an officer so I have the authority to treat you like nothing. That's not right,” Watts said.

“I feel like if he's that angry to two females, who wasn't being aggressive, how would you be with anybody else on the street?” Palmer added.