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San Antonio women's soccer club says Team USA is #goals

“They’re making statements on and off the field as well,” said Maggie Miller, center back for the San Antonio Athenians.


The big World Cup win for the U.S. women’s soccer team seems to be kicking down barriers for women on and off the field worldwide. Maggie Miller and Isabel “Izzy” Creagh said they’re prouder than ever to suit up as players for the San Antonio Athenians Soccer Club (SAASC). 

The club represents San Antonio’s first women’s semi-pro team, and, as they explained, the U.S. Women's National Team victory was a statement telling all women that all things are possible.

“I think there’s a lot going on in the world right now," Miller said. "And I think that a lot of women on the team are making statements outside of just women bringing home the gold.”

Miller and Creagh said winning off the field is the main goal for their team. Most of the players on the Athenians roster juggle their love for the game with their passion for San Antonio youth and the community. 

“It’s just cool to see someone wanting to look up to you and that you can inspire somebody younger than you,” said Miller, who balances her soccer career with a full-time job and academic studies. 

Creagh, meanwhile, is attending her first year of college while preparing for a mission trip to Peru. The ladies said they believe in building a team that puts the community first.

The team’s reach expands from San Antonio to surrounding areas. Their training facility and home stadium are in Cibolo, Texas, just north of the Alamo City. Cibolo mayor Stosh Boyle affirmed the team saying, “The Athenians soccer team not only hit the ground running on our soccer fields, but they have been such a huge part of our community in such a short period of time. We’re proud they chose to call Cibolo their home.”

Miller and Creagh said being part of a local semi-pro team and following the journeys of young pros like Rose Lavelle has left them considering taking a shot at the next World Cup.

“At the last World Cup, she was at a pizza parlor watching the World Cup with her friends," Creagh said, referring to USWNT player Rose Lavelle. "And then, four years later, she was scoring in the World Cup final."

Miller agreed adding, “Yeah, that’s the dream. When Rose scored, I was like, ‘She’s 23…she’s my age and she scored in the World Cup.’ Just go get what you want because you are good enough. You are.”

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