Tammie Jo Shults is known nationwide for landing a Southwest Airlines plane after the engine blew, helping to save more than 100 passengers. On Friday, the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce announced that she’ll receive an award, which she’ll formally accept at an event in November.

Surrounded by children from Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, all dressed in retro flight goggles, Shults says that she sees the true picture of courage.

“These kids have a light that shines so bright, that eternal hope that I see in these kids, I am humbled by it,” Shults said.

Volunteering with Roy Maas has been a constant for Shults, both before and after that now-historic flight last spring. On Friday, she focused on the need and opportunity for everyone to volunteer.

“One of the things that I didn't know there was, is courage like that, was the enthusiasm and the cheerfulness, the hopefulness that these kids have,” Shults said.

To learn more about tickets and sponsorships for the awards ceremony, you can visit the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce here.