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San Antonio pastor runs seven marathons in seven days for south-side outreach

“I believe vision gives pain purpose," says Pastor David Cameron of Refuge Church .

SAN ANTONIO — Going the extra mile for people in need is a practice that the Bible preaches, but one local pastor took that idea to the extreme and ran with it—literally.

In a faith-filled effort to provide south-San Antonio families with holiday meals, gifts and a facility for consistent community outreach, Refuge Church pastor David Cameron ran seven complete marathons in one week.  

“The ultimate goal is $225,000, but the first goal is $60,000,” Cameron reported Friday night. “We’re currently right around the $55,000 mark.” 

He sandwiched a total of 183.4 miles between two defining Sunday morning sermons. His message of endurance resonates deeply as he preaches the theme of his reflections to a congregation inspired to finish their race.

“Life can be painful for people, and every step was painful,” he explained. “But I believe vision gives pain purpose. The Bible says, ‘Don’t worry about tomorrow because today has enough problems of its own.’ I would encourage you to take it one day at a time.” 

Cameron admits there were moments where he wanted to quit. But his wife, Jacqui, along with several members of the community he set out to support, showed up at every checkpoint to keep him going. 

“It’s not just David running seven marathons,” he said. “It’s people donating…us coming together in the name of Jesus to show people love.” 

His heroic strides have made him a sore winner, and after considering the people who will benefit from his sacrifice he said it was worth every step.  

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