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'Turkey Shortage': SA Food Bank asks for last-minute donations

The food bank hopes people will donate money or frozen turkeys to help fill the gap to provide Thanksgiving dinner for 10,000 families.

SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Food Bank says it still needs help providing 10,000 Thanksgiving dinners for local families in need. Each year, the food bank helps families put a turkey on the table- for a meal it says is about more than the food.

"It's the power of Thanksgiving," said San Antonio Food Bank CEO Eric Cooper. "The importance of those ingredients, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams -- all of us have our favorite recipe, but when you lack the ingredients that make that recipe, lack the ingredients to make the holiday happen.... we want every struggling family to know we care."

The Food Bank plans to help 10,000 families, but as of last week, says it only received enough donations for 8000 - 2000 short. During a food drive this weekend, volunteers donated some - but there's still a gap. 

There are three ways to help:

-Donate a frozen turkey at the food bank, located at 5200 Enrique Barrera Parkway.

-Give money on their website.

-Register for the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.

"Whether it's on our website, making financial donations, or coming in person with your family to donate a frozen turkey, it just needs to happen fast- In the next 24 hours," Cooper said. "And we hope it will."