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Rollin' into the new year with the Alamo City Roller Girls

The roller derby team is having a recruitment event Sunday, January 19.

SAN ANTONIO — "I watched that movie Whip It, like 10, 11 years ago and I immediately wanted to be a roller girl but never thought about it. And so when the opportunity presented itself I was like okay, let's do it. Let's be Ellen Page in Whip It."

While the Alamo City Roller Girls, San Antonio's very own Women's Flat Track Roller Derby team, may have given new member Jillian Price the opportunity to live out her fantasy of being Ellen Page, it's also provided her with a community. 

Price, who joined in August of 2019, was skating downtown near the Pearl when she was invited to recruitment by the team's president. 

"She was like, 'Hey-- you can actually skate. Why don't you come to recruitment?'"

Price is still in training, but she said she's looking forward to the new recruitment season.

"It’s really fun. Everyone just really wants everyone to succeed. And when they see you progress, they celebrate you." 

One of those women celebrating Price's progress? Cindy Venus, also known as CJ on the track. 

CJ joined the team a few years ago when she first moved to San Antonio. 

"I didn't have anything to do, anywhere to go. I was new to the city so joining the local derby team I found my community."

Despite not having much experience with roller derby, CJ decided to try out anyway. 

"I had four days to prepare. I went and I've never looked back." 

Years later, CJ now serving as a trainer on the team, helps to train what she refers to as a "variety of women."

"We have people from all walks of life. So you have your single moms, you have your professionals, of course, you have your military people that come in and out. It's really just a variety of women that we have here and we include everybody." 

Some might be surprised to learn that "everybody" also includes non-skaters.

"We're actually recruiting for volunteers (referees, score-keepers, etc.). Most people think, 'Oh! I can't skate!' or 'I don't want to skate. I don't want to get hit.' But there's really great opportunities for people who aren't sure if derby is for them, because there's a home for everyone in derby. And if you don't want to skate, but you want to be apart of it--- that's where my team comes into play." explained Deborah Arney, the Head Non-Skating Official for the league. 

Arney, who joined ACRG after moving to the Alamo City from Kerrville in 2012, said through derby, she has created bonds with people all over the world.

"We are all one team, as well as, one league. So, it doesn't matter what level you are. You're part of the family and you are an integral part of the organization." 

If this sounds like an organization you might be interested in joining, the Alamo City Roller Girls are holding a recruitment event Sunday, January 19 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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