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Riders United 4 Children collecting donations to help children in crisis

The children advocacy group will be collecting stuffed animals through March 13.

SAN ANTONIO — The local chapter of Riders United 4 Children is collecting stuffed animals for Bexar County Family Justice Center which serves victims of domestic violence including the children affected by it.

Sensei and Denise Patterson started the Alamo Chapter two years ago to help children and their families in need. 

"We need to all look out for each other and give a voice to the voiceless," Sensei said. 

Since then the group has partnered with the Family Justice Center. 

"When we first started, we noticed the bin with stuffed animals was looking pretty low," Sensei said. 

The center gives a stuffed animal to children who come in for their services. 

"What happens in domestic violence cases is they have to leave a lot of times in the middle of the night they have to leave all their belongings, all their toys, everything behind," Denise said, "so this just gives them a little bit of comfort just something little we could do."

This year, with more families turning to the center for help, the need to fill the bin is even greater. 

"We want to make sure there's enough stuffed animals for all the kids that go through there," Sensei said. 

 Riders United 4 Children will be collecting donations through March 13.

They are hosting a Child Abuse Awareness ride on April 6.