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How people are helping during Center Point water shortage

A church bought 18 large totes to distribute water to residents.

CENTER POINT, Texas — A neighborhood in Center Point has been dealing with a water shortage for the past week but volunteers and community members have been taking extraordinary measures to bring the people living there the water they need.

With a click and a spurt, Chad Beard moves quickly to change hoses on the water pump on the back of his church’s trailer. He was being extra careful on Sunday not to spill too much water during his time at the Hill River Estates subdivision in Center Point.

"They have their own well system and the water table had fallen and they were struggling getting, pumping enough water out,” Beard said. “They were in the process of working with a well company to maybe drill deeper. And through the process, the well caved in."

Beard is a deacon with the First Baptist Church of Kerrville, but for much of the past week, his job has been “water delivery man.”

The church started up a water ministry seventeen years ago to offer aid to people in times of drought. Beard says up until now, they've just delivered to one house at a time.

"This is the first time we've ever done something of this magnitude,” Beard said. “So, to help these people out we, the church just recently purchased 18 of these water totes.”

He said the church bought 18 large water totes. After spending two days cleaning them out, most of them were delivered to families in the area

“This is what we'll be pumping into," he said.

He said he anticipates the 93 homes in this neighborhood will need their help for another four to six weeks.

"We don't ask anything in return, we just want to come out and give them water so that they can live the life that they want to live."

The First Baptist Church of Kerrville has a website, but Beard said that people looking to help their water ministry would be better off calling them directly at 830-257-5033.

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