SAN ANTONIO — The man, the myth, the legend is back. And he’s in a familiar place.

Felipe Aldape, otherwise known as the originator of a key catchphrase for the Spurs fandom – “Nombre shut up, go, Spurs, go!” – when asked about his thoughts on a Fiesta parade in 2017 was spotted in full puro San Antonio mode Friday.

He noticed the camera pointed his way, and you already know what happened next.

Twitter user @Really_Nathan had the right idea with his caption, "It's officially fiesta." After all, San Antonio's biggest party isn't here until Aldape says it's here.

Of course, other San Antonians reveled in the return of their hero, who has become such an iconic figure in the Alamo City that shirts of him have been made ahead of Spurs playoff games in the past.

Like the greatest heroes of lore who turn up when you need them most, hopefully the mystical fandom powers that Aldape possesses will be enough to push the Spurs to victory in their ongoing first-round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets.