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New to Town: Natural Bridge Caverns

Right outside San Antonio lies the biggest cave in Texas
Credit: Natural Bridge Caverns

"The family knew there was always a cave here. It was explored by cavers since the early 1900's. It was always thought to be a small cave system, but in 1960 on March 27th, four explorers made a huge discovery." Co-owner and VP of Natural Bridge Caverns, Travis Wuerst said. 

Since then, Travis' grandmother opened up the caverns to the public. Visitors can take a 180-feet-underground tour where they come face-to-face with chambers and massive crystal formations formed by single drops of water. 

The caves are home to pools and lakes and remain between 70-72 degrees all year. 

This beautiful natural wonder has drawn thousands of tourists from not only Texas, but from around the world. They've recently found more to discover as well, that being 600 feet of underground passage!

Travis and his brother can spend more than 12 hours a day in the new discovery, trying to learn its ins and outs. He believes the caverns are a gem for locals and tourists. 

"I would tell folks that they really need to see the caverns to understand what exactly the area has to offer. This is the largest cave in the state of Texas. It's considered to be one of the premier show caves of the world and so it's a tremendous natural resource and asset for the area in terms of attractions and awesome places to see." Wuerst said. 


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