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Del Bravo Record Shop has been west side staple for more than 50 years

Niku Kazori went out to the west side and explored everything Del Bravo Record Shop has to offer.

SAN ANTONIO — At Del Bravo record shop off Old Highway 90, music runs deep in their roots.

“My dad being a musician and loving music, he decided to open up a store, something for the family. They started the store here many years ago and we've been here through good and bad times,” Jay Gutierrez said.

And by many years ago, Jay means 53!

But it hasn't always been easy for this true "mom and pop" business.

"In 2009, with technology and the recession, it kind of hit us at the same time,” he said.

With records and CDs slowly going out of style, the family relies on what they know best to keep the turn tables spinning.

“We're looking for ways to on how to survive here, so we're starting to see an increase in vinyl sales again. We just keep on moving forward and see how things change, so we can change ourselves as well,” Gutierrez said.

On the shelves you'll find oldies, Tejano, one-of-a-kind merchandise and a family history that strikes a chord with customers old and new.

"My father being a laborer coming from Mexico with my mom, they had a dream. My dad loved music and to have made a living out of music, that's incredible,” Gutierrez said. “His and my mother’s hard work to build this business and community and customers that have been loyal to us is a story within itself."

This hidden gem on the west side is a must see whether you're looking for a specific tune or just want to hear some of that old time rock and roll.

"As you can see, our store is different, you can go to any part of the city and not see what you see here, or any part of the country,” Gutierrez said.