SAN ANTONIO — This year, a San Antonio school district hopes to get more students face-to-face with police officers -- in a positive way.

The Northeast Independent School District is launching "Meals for Shields." All law enforcement officers are invited to schools for free lunch and conversation any time they want. The district hopes to create role models, offer students early relationships with police and let them get to know officers as people.

"It builds relationships," NEISD Police Chief Wally McCampbell said. "It gives the children something they can look forward to, get to know the officers-- get to know us like we get to know them."

NEISD Executive Director of School Nutrition Sharon Glosson said seeing a role model eating healthy cafeteria food can also help them buy in. "It lets them know the food they’re eating at school is quality food. It’s just fun, too, to ask questions and get that interaction," Glosson said.

NEISD hopes more officers will take advantage of the program throughout the 2018-2019 school year.