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Mission SA: New recovery center provides therapy treatments used on military elite

An Air Force couple is behind a new state-of-the-art recovery center. Therapeutic treatments used on the military’s most elite, is now available to everyone.
Credit: Krysus Human Performance and Recovery

SAN ANTONIO — An Air Force couple is behind a new state-of-the-art recovery center. They say therapeutic treatments that have been used on athletes and the military’s most elite, are now available to everyone.

Krysus Human Performance and Recovery was started by Doug and Latina Isaacks. Latina who is set to retire in April, will have served 26 years in Air Force Security Forces. Doug who’s now retired has served 26 years in the Air Force. The majority of his military career was spent as a pararescueman, where he completed technical rescue missions around the world.  

“I did most missions in Africa and Afghanistan. That’s where Krysus comes into this. Being with the elite units most of my career, and understanding what we were provided to help us be more proactive in our recovery and readiness, decided to bring that main stream,” explained Doug. “At the end of the day, everybody wants a competitive edge to excel. Doesn’t matter if you’re a social worker, if you’re a teacher, if you’re an athlete.”

“My husband has had severe back pain from hard jumps that he’s had and these different modalities that we figured to put into the recovery center are actually things that have helped ease his pain,” said Latina.

Krysus Human Performance and Recovery provides four different types of services. The first service is called float therapy, where a person is in an isolation cabin that is filled with liquid containing Epsom salt. The sound of waves and colored lights are used to relax the body.

The second form of therapy the center provides is called halotherapy, also known as salt therapy. A device called a halogenerator grinds pure grade sodium chloride and disperses it into the room. Once inhaled, the dry salt is designed to clear the respiratory system.

A third service is called sound therapy, also known as vibroacoustic therapy. This form of treatment uses music, different beats and vibration to reduce stress. The fourth form of treatment is called the Novathor whole body light pod, which utilizes red and near infrared light to help the body heal.

The recovery center has also, partnered with a nonprofit called Pathways for Veterans to launch a pilot program. The eight-week pilot study is free for veterans who qualify. They utilize their center’s therapies to treat veterans who have PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, and other injuries.

You went out and sacrificed yourself for our country. Even after the military, you still deserve the support of everybody in the community. We want to do our part to make sure that happens,” said Latina.

“We want to get it going to help support veterans. We think it would be highly valuable to them and to get them back into the community, if there’s any kind of challenge they have with transition,” said Doug.

If you're a veteran and would like to apply for the program, click here. The program is scholarship based and the veterans do not pay for the services. Krysus Human Performance and Recovery said an individual or corporation can make donations by clicking here.

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