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Air Force veteran helping cancer patients with housework | MISSION SA

Fighting cancer is tough enough. Having to do dishes or vacuum the home can be nearly impossible. That's where one Air Force veteran and his wife are helping.

SAN ANTONIO — An Air Force veteran and his wife are helping cancer patients in need through their company. They offer housekeeping services to the patients at no cost.

A month ago, Morris McRae and his wife, Tammy started their cleaning service company, Maids on a Mission. They partnered with a non-profit organization, Cleaning for a Reason to offer free home cleanings to cancer patients.

“To have a bathroom that sparkles, and have a tub that they can get in and actually take a bath in, I think is priceless,” Tammy said. “The satisfaction, the excitement in the patients that we clean for is a reward.”

Her husband agrees. “After we’re done, the absolute joy you see on their face and how thankful they are. It just hits you. That's what it's all about."

Morris, an Air Force veteran, said one of the core values of their company is philanthropic work. He said giving back to people in need is not only an important part of their company but his mission. “I wouldn't be where I am today had it not been that great foundation that the Air Force gave to me,” he said. “Deep in my heart, I was always one who wanted to give.”

The couple shared how their family members are still dealing with cancer today. They said a sanitized and clean space is not only beneficial for their physical health, but for their mental health.

“Both Tammy and I have had to deal with family members who have had cancer and we know what that does to the family dynamic,” Morris said. “So to be able to come in and provide one little thing is so beneficial to their psyche and to their emotional well-being.”

The McRae family said they’ve reached out to several veteran groups. They want to offer services to service members who are returning from overseas or veterans in need.

“There's an old saying in business, that you know, it's not personal. It's just business. We would like to change that paradigm,” Morris said. “It's not just business, it's personal, and that's the kind of company we want to be.”

Maids on a Mission makes sure employees who clean patients' homes are paid.


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