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SA nursing home closes doors to visitors due to coronavirus outbreak

In a special meeting Wednesday, SAFD said crews were stopping by all local nursing homes to ensure proper procedures are in place.

SAN ANTONIO — Meridian Care on the city's northeast side has been taking precautions due to the coronavirus outbreak for weeks now. 

On Wednesday, staff was notified that the company was upgrading their procedures and not allowing visitors due to Coronavirus concerns. 

"We're going to close the doors and only essential staff and employees can come in—visitors are not allowed," said Abel Rodriguez, director of nursing services said at the facility. 

Before the memo was sent Wednesday, the facility already had a protocol in place: All visitors had to wash their hands and were asked a series of questions. 

"If they were traveling or around sick people, they were not allowed to go any further," Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez said they are sanitizing all their equipment and rooms several times a day to protect  residents.

"They're already at risk," Rodriguez said. "I don't want to bring in somebody in here that is not being preventive and is sick and getting us sick as well. We have to be diligent; this is serious stuff." 

Credit: KENS5
Staff receive memo that there will no longer be visitor hours due to Coronavirus outbreak.

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