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Local group helps the homeless during cold snap

It may be a small group, but on a frigid night, they make a great difference.

SAN ANTONIO — Volunteers of Sold Out Believers Drop-in & Connect Center are working around the clock to provide shelter, food, warmth and hope to men and women who normally spend their nights on the streets.

"Sleeping under the bridge in these conditions makes me want to cry sometimes," one person said. "I feel so empty. I talk to God all the time, and that’s what keeps me sane."

The compassion of most of these volunteers comes from their personal experiences with homelessness. Carlos Rodriguez survived the street life in Chicago and made it to San Antonio seven years ago with nothing but the clothes on his back. Today, he’s an ordained minister and after graduating from the program that saved his life, he’s now the director of this drop-in home.

"I couldn’t even walk, I mean, I was just depleted. My body was just…I was just overrun with sickness. They met me where I was at in my mess and added value to me," he said.

He considers it his mission to now add value to others in the condition he remembers so well.

Now, If you have blankets, clothes, food or even time you can donate, it’s much appreciated. The pastors leading this organization are on the roads right now, rescuing people from under bridges and alleys, taking them to the home. They’re asking our community to do good for those who need it most tonight.

They can be found at 717 N. Colorado Street. If you know or see someone who needs help, call (210) 427-1007 or (210) 480-4743