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Officials say misinformation caused parents to rush to Jefferson High School during lockdown

KENS 5 obtained video, from inside the school, which shows officers sweeping classrooms making sure students and staff were safe.

SAN ANTONIO — After Tuesday's false alarm of a shooting inside Jefferson High School – a report that drew dozens of district and SAPD officers to the campus – school officials say they will review parent notification and reunification procedures. 

KENS 5 obtained video taken inside the school which shows officers sweeping classrooms, making sure students and staff were safe. Twenty-nine members of SAISD's police force were on the scene, along with 58 San Antonio police officers. 

Nehemiah Fernandez is a 14-year-old freshman at Jefferson. He was inside in class.

"Out of nowhere we just hear, 'Lockdown,'" he said. "'Lockdown.'"

However, as police investigated they realized there was no shooting. Officials also say misinformation caused parents to rush to the school. Superintendent Jaime Aquino said all protocol was followed.

"Our kids were safe," he said.

Fernandez said once it was on lockdown, his classroom door was locked and the lights were turned off.

"We just got to the side of the classroom by the wall," he said. "We all sat down. I want to say 30 minutes go by, we see two cops come in the door with big heavy guns. It was crazy."

He texted his mom, Amanda Lara, to let her know he was safe.

"I do understand parents panicking, scared and nervous especially after the Uvalde shooting," the mom said.

Lara was not one of the parents that showed up to the school. At one point, there were tense moments between parents and police. A window was broken with blood on the ground.

Lara does thank the nearly 90 officers who were there.

"For being here and doing what they could," she said. "And not taking it lightly. Because now days things like that we can't take lightly."

There were also reports of a fight between students, but the school district said that has not been confirmed.

In a letter released later in the day, Jefferson High officials acknowledged the day's events were "discomforting" while emphasizing their protocol for allowing responding law enforcement to sweep and clear the school. 

"Although this search process is done as quickly and thoroughly as possible, the protocol takes time," the school's statement reads. "For the safety of all involved, students and staff are not released until officers give clearance and lift the lockdown. Safety-first is the procedure we followed today, and will continue to follow, so that you and your loved ones remain safe.

The school added that counselors would be available Wednesday for anyone in the Jefferson population who needs it, and that reunification procedures would be reviewed. 

SAISD Superintendent Jaime Aquino doubled down on Jefferson High School's statement on Wednesday, saying the response "highlights that the district and city are prepared for a unified approach when a crisis occurs." 

Read Aquino's full statement below.

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