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It was harder to find baby formula in San Antonio than anywhere else, report finds

From April 3 to April 10, Datasembly's analysis found that 56 percent of San Antonio's formula supply was out of stock.

SAN ANTONIO — A nationwide shortage of baby formula in April hit San Antonio harder than any other metropolitan area, according to a report from retail analysts at Datasembly. 

From April 3 to April 10, a nation-worst 56 percent of the Alamo City's formula supply was out of stock. 

“Inflation, supply chain shortages, and product recalls have brought an unprecedented amount of volatility for baby formula,” Datasembly CEO Ben Reich said. 

It's not entirely clear why the shortage impacted San Antonio most. 

Marlene Montalvo, a San Antonio mother with 4-month-old twins, said she changed her feeding routine to ensure there would be no waste. 

She also bought formula from mothers selling excess cans in Chicago and Dallas. 

"I was posting everywhere to see if somebody was able to get me some formula," she said. "It's been really hard."

Sevy Hernandez, a San Antonio mother of five, says she regularly woke up early to search store-to-store for her product. Eventually, she switched her baby to an easier-to-find organic mix. 

"It's scary sometimes," she said. 

There is a growing resale marketplace online, born out of desperation. It's easy to find mothers from across the country, pleading for excess formula on Facebook. 

In response, Hernandez says she's noticed more parents offering to give away unneeded formula. 

"Moms empowering moms is, like, the best thing right now," she said. "I'm so proud to be part of groups like that."

The Texas Department of State Health Services recently expanded its WIC program to cover more formula brands. 

Find a list of WIC-eligible formulas here.