This blanket of ice is particularly tough on the homeless.

The city’s biggest campus, Haven for Hope, is sheltering more than 500 people today.

The smaller shelters are at capacity as well.

Still, there are diehards who refuse to come in out of the cold.

Under Interstate 37 near Hays Street, a man who calls himself Junior said he has tried asking for help at shelters in the past, but something always seems to go wrong.

He said surviving cold snaps is a matter of determination.,

“Get all the gear you can and put it on and get yourself warm," Junior said. "Get yourself hand warmers for your hands, to keep your hands warm and keep moving, that’s all.”

For those who want help, at the Catholic Worker House, they are serving three hot meals a day. The Volunteer Director of the facility, Chris Plauche, said "I think it's more important than ever to be open on a day like today with bad weather because most of these folks have no other place to go."

Plauche said they always accept donations of cooked hot food, but now the need is for warm clothing.

“Especially on a day like today, especially if you slept outside, your socks are wet and you're cold so we are always appreciative of socks, and in the winter, gloves and ski hats. That would be really good."

“Our outreach teams have been out trying to recruit people from under bridges and the woods and they've been successful with some degree, Kenny Wilson, with Haven for Hope, said. "But I just came through all our facilities. Everyone was inside last night. They're inside right now and appreciative of it."

The shelter operators all have budgets and they try their best to stick to them, but they said when lives are at stake, they will do what it takes to bring everyone in from the cold who wants to be safe. A donation of money, they said, is always the right color and size.