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NBISD trustee candidate likely to contest election results

One school board candidate impacted by Election Day glitches said he won't pursue a special election, but a candidate in another race likely will contest results.

COMAL COUNTY, Texas — Following the ballot glitch that some Comal County voters encountered on Election Day, candidates impacted by the technical issues are faced with a decision: to contest the results or accept them.

One school board candidate announced he wouldn't pursue a special election, but another candidate likely will.

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“As a U.S. citizen (and) registered voter, I'm somewhat disenfranchised knowing that there was a problem that may not get rectified,” said New Braunfels ISD Superintendent Randy Moczygemba.

He is speaking out after the school board election was impacted by a technical issue at the polls on Tuesday.

“Do we let it go because the person who lost chose not to contest? It’s not about who won the election, it's listening to this: Do you trust the election system?" Moczygemba said. 

While he says neither he nor Comal County officials can call for a special election, candidates are able to ask for a recount or to contest the results.

Meanwhile, the current school board trustee for District 2, who was impacted by the glitch when his race was left off some ballots, says he will not contest the results. Incumbent Michael Calta ended up losing to Nancy York by 12 votes.

In a statement, Calta said:

“I have made the decision to NOT contest the election. I am keenly aware of the phenomenon of voter fatigue and I am even more aware of the reality of candidate fatigue after several months of intense campaigning. 

"The reality is that Nancy York and I share many of the same values which helps explain why we were just 12 votes out of 4300 votes apart from each other. I have had the privilege of serving 9.5 years on two different school boards. Nancy recently retired from 40 years as a Teacher and has really shown through her consistent attendance at board meetings over the last year and her vigorous campaigning that she is ready for the job and dedicated to the cause of our students. 

"Also, just as the campaign was beginning, I was called to serve as a Bishop of a congregation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints where all of my volunteer time really should be focused.

"I am looking forward to meeting with Nancy next week to facilitate a smooth and cooperative transition.”

District 4 incumbent Matthew Sargent says he is considering filing paperwork to contest the election results.

Sargent lost to John Tucker by 251 votes. He told KENS 5 he and his wife were two of the people who brought the ballot issue to election workers’ attention.

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“The biggest reason for me to pursue a complaint like that would be to correct the voter issues for next time,” Sargent said. “This election is completed and even if the undervote all went towards me on Election Day, I wouldn't be successful, and that's okay. The more important thing for me, is to make sure that we get it right the next time and that this does not happen again.”

He plans to make a final decision after the votes are canvassed at a special board meeting Nov. 16. 

Comal County officials are still calculating how many people may have missed the chance to vote in these races.