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Heroes wanted: Canyon Lake boy needing kidney donor

“If anyone wants to be a hero for my son… please help save my boy,” said his mother. Will Snipes was recently diagnosed with kidney failure and is on dialysis.

CANYON LAKE, Texas — A mother in Canyon Lake is making a plea to the community.

“If anyone wants to be a hero for my son… please help save my boy,” said Vanessa Snipes.

She is begging for a living donor for her son.

The 11-year-old was diagnosed with kidney failure just a few weeks ago.

You could be his superhero.

A picture of Will in the hospital shows dozens of action figures set up on his tray table. The toys have kept him company so far but he needs a human hero to get him back to a happy, energetic boy.

Will was born three months early. As an infant, he was diagnosed with Joubert Syndrome, a rare genetic condition impacting his speech and mobility.

Credit: Vanessa Snipes
Canyon Lake boy needing kidney donor

It also put him at greater risk of kidney disease.

He’s grown big and strong the past 11 years. Then just before Halloween, during a routine doctor visit, Will was rushed to the emergency room.

“They then diagnosed him with kidney failure,” his mom said. “They did a surgery and put a catheter in him so that he could start immediate dialysis the next day.”

His family is asking the community for help.

To contact the Snipes about being a kidney donor or covering some of Will’s medical costs, call:

(830) 837-9319 or (830) 837-4035

Venmo @Will-Snipes-2
CashApp $WillSnipes2 

CLICK: GoFundMe for Will Snipes

“He's only 11 years old,” Snipes said. “It’s hard for me to talk about, I’m sorry. We would like for him to live a long, long, beautiful, healthy life.”

The Snipes are putting a kidney donor list together and hoping someone will be a match for Will.

Those moved to support the family can donate to help cover costs after insurance.

“Dialysis costs roughly $60,000-$80,000 a month, from what I understand,” said Snipes. “Then the transplant alone will be $400,000.”

Our son, Will Snipes Jr., has faced more challenges in his ten years than most will ever see in a lifetime. Born 3 months premature weighing under 2-1/2 pounds, he was diagnosed shortly after with a brain hemorrhage, respiratory distress syndrome, and most seriously, Joubert syndrome, a rare genetic condition which limits his speech and mobility and is also associated with increased risk of kidney disease.

The journey hasn’t been easy for Will. The last few weeks have been filled with doctor appointments and pain.

But through it all, he’s kept his signature, big smile.

Credit: Vanessa Snipes
Will Snipes was diagnosed with kidney failure a few weeks ago.

His family prays an angel steps up soon so their little boy can regain his strength and be able to live his life to the fullest.

“I'm ready to see him laughing again,” Snipes said. “We still have a long road ahead of us but I am very, very hopeful for him. He's such a fighter.”

Credit: Vanessa Snipes
Medical Benefit for Will Snipes

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