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Facilities arm themselves with Texas built cleaning system in the fight against coronavirus

R-water offers a cleaning system to businesses wanting a germ- free space without negatively impacting the environment or human health.

SAN ANTONIO — Keeping facilities germ-free can be tough for businesses and government leaders.

A Texas-made cleaning system is growing in popularity in the fight against coronavirus.

Housekeepers at Franklin Properties, which are senior care facilities in San Antonio, use sprays made by the R-Water system installed in their janitor closets.

The solution in their spray bottles is clear and there’s no scent.

“This is a silent war that we're involved in right now. Nobody knows how it's going to play out but I do feel like we're in a better position,” said the CEO of Franklin Companies, Aubra Franklin. “Using this product properly and even the enhanced protocols that we put in place throughout this time is going to give us hopefully an advantage to minimize the impacts [of coronavirus].”

The Franklin Properties started using the R-water cleaning system four years ago to combat the flu virus and other germs posing risks to their residents in both good or compromised health.

R-water is a Texas-based, woman-founded company that offers a cleaning system to businesses wanting a germ- free space without negatively impacting the environment or human health.

“Proper disinfection is really important, especially when you have a pandemic like COVID-19,” said R-Water Founder Rayne Guest. “The products are effective against the pandemic as well. So, when you clean and disinfect properly, you're protecting the people in your facilities.”

The cleaning system is designed for use in hospitals, large office buildings, sports arenas and other spaces where large groups of people could congregate.

Their TK 60 spray is listed as a healthcare-grade disinfectant that is effective with one minute of contact time. For comparison, other products used to clean in a commercial setting can take 10 minutes to kill germs.

An area dental surgeon uses the cleaning system and serves as an adviser to the company.

“One of our great concerns is making sure that everything is decontaminated prior to an actual procedure and R-water is one of the true technologies that can that can predictably promise that,” said Dr. Kent Hamilton, DDS. “A lot of the disinfectants, they're good, they're effective but not in the form they're being used right now. That’s a truth that we all need to look at hard, especially in this era.”

R-water says its products are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The TK 60 spray also complies with FDA codes for use on food contact surfaces with no rinse.

“We need to be smart,” said R-Water representative David Swies. “We need to be mindful of what we're putting on our surfaces, in our bodies, on our skin.”

The system is being used by the City of Austin and contractors who clean hospitals in east Texas. R-water hopes to provide options to similar businesses looking to protect their visitors.

More information can be found on the R-Water website: Click Here

Phone: 512.808.4100

Email: info@r-water.com 

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