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Alamo artifacts up for auction in New Braunfels this weekend

The relics are from an excavation conducted just outside the north wall of the Alamo, more than a decade ago.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas — Artifacts from the Alamo are being auctioned off in New Braunfels this weekend.

The relics are from an excavation conducted just outside the north wall of the Alamo, more than a decade ago.

The Burley Auction Gallery posted pictures on their website showing what’s up for grabs, including a ten-pound cannon ball, horseshoes, belt buckles, musket balls and even pottery fragments from 1836.


“As a Texas auctioneer, it doesn’t get any better than selling Alamo relics,” said Robb Burley. “As far as I'm concerned, [they are] the most important thing I'll ever sell.”

Other items available at the live auction include Confederate Civil War firearms and bowie knives.

“We got the collection of the Alamo relics and we also have an estate out of Houston,” said Burley. “They were descendants, relatives, of General Beauregard, who is a famous Confederate General. They had some great early American furniture. We got a grandfather clock in there from Philadelphia, 1780, super rare. The sister clock of it made by the same makers, is in the Smithsonian.”

You can also bid on a 1926 Ford Model T, historic books of the Texas Rangers and a few modern guns.

One listing is for a firearm used by Chris Kyle in the television show “Sons of Guns.”

“We got a letter from the production company and a letter from the manufacturer saying this was specifically made for Chris Kyle on this episode. So it's airtight provenance on it,” said Burley. “All the Alamo relics …  every one comes with a certificate, tells where it was dug. If you look [online] there’s some of the photos from the excavation.”

The live auction starts at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Burley Auction Gallery in New Braunfels. Seating will promote social distancing. Bidders also have the option to participate by phone or online.

Event in New Braunfels, TX by Burley Auction Gallery on Saturday, June 6 2020

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