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Gotcha Covered holds its 22nd annual donation drive

They say the holiday season is the season of giving, and that certainly was the case for one event at Park North Sunday.

SAN ANTONIO — It's year 22 for Gotcha Covered, and at their event Sunday, they were hoping to fill several trucks with tens of thousands of pounds of food, toys and clothing for the homeless this holiday season.

"I actually saw the coverage on the TV news the other day, and I thought that's what we need to do with his things," said Sharon, who was talking about her brother who recently passed away. "He had a lot of brand new clothing that wasn't even used hardly, so I thought, 'what a better cause than this?'"

She's donated before and says her brother would be saying its just the right thing to do. "You drive through San Antonio and there are storage units everywhere, and we buy stuff all the time," Sharon said. "Then we put in a storage unit. Why not give it to people who need it to use?"

"Everybody needs a hand up at some point in their lives," said Howie Nestel, the organizer of Gotcha Covered. He spoke of how this annual event got started 21 years ago. "A friend and I of mine saw a homeless person downtown that we had seen a few times before. We've talked to him. We invited him out to lunch. He invited us back to a small shelter on the eastside," he said.

Since that day, Gotcha Covered has grown to make a huge impact on the community.

"I estimate over the last 21 years, we've collected more than 700,000 pounds of donations of new and used clothing, non-perishable food items, household and toiletry items all for San Antonio's homeless," Nestel said.

The items go to Haven For Hope, Family Violence Prevention Services, and the Food Bank.

I asked Sharon what her brother would think if he could see the great thing she was doing today. She said, "I think he would be patting me on the back and going 'thank you.'"