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Balcones Heights neighbors hold parade to honor those fighting coronavirus | Good Things Happen

Neighborhood parade held to thank all first responders and health care workers.

SAN ANTONIO — Since Fiesta is on hold until November, Balcones Heights threw it's own neighborhood parade.

“My city council asked me to sign a proclamation to make this Balcones Heights Battles COVID-19 Day," said Balcones Heights Mayor Suzanne DeLeon. "So that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

It may not be the Battle of Flowers, but Balcones Heights is trying to keep that Fiesta spirit alive – parading through neighborhoods to make sure residents know they are still here.

City staff distributed Fiesta Medals as well as hundreds of hand-held American flags for residents to wave as the procession drove by their homes.

“Right now, with the social distancing and having to wear masks, we don’t get to see our neighbors and our friends as much," DeLeon said. "So we’re asking them to come outside, keep that social distancing, but come out and wave to us and just be part of our little mini-fiesta parade today.”

The fight against coronavirus is a different kind of battle with a different kind of soldier, so the parade included a stop at Methodist Texsan hospital to thank those on the front lines.

“That is part of our focus today is to remind everyone that the healthcare workers are putting their life on the line every day, just like our first responders," DeLeon said.

Doctors, nurses and neighbors - coming together by staying apart.

“This is going to be a wonderful way for us to reconnect in a small way until we can get our normal lives back together," DeLeon said.

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