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Old house converted into colorful coffee shop that celebrates San Antonio and Mexican culture | Just The Drip

There's no way it could be your average cup of joe when its inspiration comes from the Mexican and San Antonio culture.

SAN ANTONIO — Coffee brings many things to many people's lives, which is why coffee shops can be so popular. 

Some may love the smell of coffee when they enter the establishment. For others, it could be the energetic atmosphere. But for one San Antonio woman, her coffee shop reflects her personality. 

What used to be a house is now a colorful coffee shop that shares an outdoor space with food trucks and a bar. 

Located in Leon Springs, Just The Drip Coffee offers more than just your average cup of joe. 

"This is my little she cave I guess you could call it. Where I just bring all of my energy here and make coffee," said Denise Aguirre, the owner of Just a Drip Coffee. 

Just The Drip Coffee roasts their coffee beans in house, so it's unlike something you can get anywhere else. What makes it even more personal, a local physics teacher is the roaster. 

"I'm here all the time so I just wanted this place to feel like home," Aguirre said.

During the pandemic, Aguirre said the business was close to closing because the shop is considered a bar and bars were ordered to close at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. 

Aguirre thanks the loyalty of her customers and the power of social media for keeping them afloat. 

One of the specialty coffees they make is a green cold brew. Officially dubbed the "San Anto," it's a raw coffee infused with cucumber, mint, ginger and agave. It tastes similar to a summer tea for those who may not like the taste of coffee.

With a large number of Americans being more self-conscious of their health, Just a Drip offers different alternatives to your typical latte: super fruit lattes (it should be Super Food Lattes instead of fruit) that Aguirre says offers a lot of health benefits.

Once a month, Aguirre said they try to do something that can help a nonprofit, thus benefitting the community. So if you're looking for a new place to try, Aguirre says "give them a shot." 


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