SAN ANTONIO — A floor collapse at a local American Legion post has left San Antonio veterans in need of a massive remodel and low funding to pull it off. 

American Legion Alamo Post 2 has been housed on Fredricksburg Road for 50 years. 

"We're one family. One group," Commander Joe Mesa said. 

Built in 1939, the building's members have worked to keep up with maintenance repairs. But it's begun to show its age. 

"We have plumbing problems. We have electrical problems. We have air condition problems—this space is not air conditioned at all, so when it's hot, it's hot and when it's cold, it's cold," said Carlos Mendez, vice commander of the post. 

Their floor was slowly collapsing on Friday, creating a two-foot hole in the middle of their facility. 

"After five years, the floor just gave in," Mendez said.

It's resulted in an issue estimated to cost $10,000 to $12,000 to fix. 

Mesa said the post relies on member dues and donations. But they say their member numbers are declining because younger veterans aren't signing up to join.

"Get involved," Mesa said. "If you're military, we would love to see you come over here. If you're not military, we love to see you come over here and, you know, get involved with us." 

He said they need donations, concrete, supplies and volunteers to restore the floor to its glory. 

To help, contact the post's Judge Advocate Art Escobar at (210)394-2414.