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Fighting sour with sweet: SATX teen creates unique cookie dough to spotlight issue of bullying

Raz Sink says she was bullied herself in elementary school, and has prioritizing bringing attention to the issue very since.

A San Antonio student is using sweetness to battle the sour that roams school hallways. 

Raz Sink, a local high school freshman, partnered with Scoop Cookie Dough Bar to create a custom flavor with the goal of bringing attention to bullying. KENS 5 has featured Raz in the past, when she sold custom T-shirts in a similar campaign. 

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Raz was bullied in elementary school. Ever since, she's made it her mission to raise awareness about bullying. So, for National Bullying Prevention Month, she created a teal cookie dough with peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips. 

"The cookie dough is teal because that is the color of bullying awareness or bullying prevention," she said. "All the different chips are to represent people of different races coming together to support a cause."

Even Mayor Ron Nirenberg stopped by on Saturday to get a taste of Raz's creation—which she has decided to call Kindness Dough. 

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