SAN ANTONIO, Texas — The arrest of Jack Steele brought the father of a 7-year-old girl Steele allegedly kidnapped some relief, but nights have been restless since last Thursday, when his daughter was found bleeding from her arm and crying hysterically.

Police say surveillance cameras at the Emerald Village Apartments captured Steele roaming the complex the day the girl was kidnapped.

The father, who did not want to go on camera or reveal his daughter’s name, said she was walking the dog at the apartment complex when a stranger who police suspect to be Steele grabbed and stuffed her in his SUV.

He says his daughter told him she kicked and screamed. She told her dad that while Steel waited for the exit gate to open, his daughter noticed the door was unlocked and jumped out, scraping her arm in the process. 

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The single dad said that since he first shared the story, he has been shamed online for allowing his daughter to be outside alone. On Thursday he defended himself, saying he has taken precautions to keep his only daughter safe in the future, including selecting a gated apartment and teaching his daughter to be vigilant, not to talk to strangers and to flee danger. 

He says his little girl was taken in just a matter of minutes, something that could happen to anyone.

While he’s proud of his daughter's quick actions, he says she’s been scarred for life.