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Energy Matters: CPS Energy introduces it's FlexPOWER Bundle

CPS Energy searches the globe for green solutions for power.

SAN ANTONIO — CPS Energy is launching what it calls it’s FlexPOWER Bundle. A new approach combining solar energy storage and other technologies to find cleaner energy. The public utility company is always on the search for cleaner energy solutions. 

CPS Energy’s FlexPOWER Bundle aims to help them explore and implement new solutions to replace aging gas power plants that were built in the 1960’s which make up 30 percent of San Antonio’s power capacity. 

“Our FlexPOWER Bundle is going to help us transition to our energy future, and we are committed to making sure that we are doing that so you can flip the switch and we are still going to be there and our rates remain affordable and that we are reliable, while we are going ahead and less the impact on our environment as well,” said Krista Davis, the President of Energy Supply and Market Operations Strategy with CPS Energy.

And they don’t just look in south Texas for solutions, but globally, while acting locally. 

“The reason it’s so important for us to look across the globe as we want to find the best innovative solutions, so we can transition our community to more innovative solutions for their renewable energy resources to power our community,” Davis added.

They sent a FlexPOWER Bundle Request for Information this past summer and received responses from around the world. 13 countries! Valuable information about innovative solutions and technologies that can be used in the future. 

Solar energy is a huge part of that future that CPS Energy plans to expand in a big way.

“San Antonio is already number one in the state of Texas for solar and number five in the nation, so our flex power bundle again is going to double our solar capacity for our community and we are going to do that thoughtfully using guiding pillars as a lens to maintain reliable affordable and environmentally friendly responsible power for our community,” Davis said.

CPS Energy also wants to remind customers that they aren’t disconnecting any services at this time, and if you are in need of assistance you can call their energy advisors at 210-353-2222. You can also help others who need assistance by donating here.